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Majority of banks and financial institutions offer loan services to the clients and the money is used for other reason of expenditure like buying a new gadget or an EMI payment. Generally, these are unsecured loans. The paying party needs 
certain documents for verification before approving the loan amount. The borrowing party must have enough assets or income to repay the loan. We at IRA Investments provide detailed counselling and orientation to our customers regarding the things that may not be aware of to maximize the process transparency. Buy a home, car or invest in your business, Ira Investments help you with your loan and loan transfer for better interest rates. Flexible tenures, attractive interest rates and quick disbursal are some of the features of our loan services. Do not miss an opportunity to lower your loan repayments after you have smarter choices to settle on from the previous not-so-interesting choices. Move your existing loan to a better finance institution with IRA Investments and our associates, pay lower monthly instalments and luxuriate in the savings for the opposite things in life that concern you and your family. Transfer your outstanding equity credit line availed from another Bank /establishment or NBFC’s with the help of IRA Investments associates and obtain an extra benefit of Maxgain Policy.


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