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Trading in the shares of the company has now become compulsory under the Demat form. With SEBI a depository is a facility for holding securities that enable the transactions of securities to be processed by book entry. In our country, a depository is an organization, which holds the beneficial owner’s securities in an electronic form, through a registered Depository Participant (DP). While the depository facilitates investors to hold securities in electronic form and to trade in these securities, there are many other benefits of this that every investor does not understand. IRA Investments help investors understand the same and in-depth.

Benefits of Depository

  • De-materialization of your shares, mutual funds, and commodities in an electronic form.
  • This, in turn, helps reduce the transaction costs to as minimal as possible.
  • Every investor also gets multiple tariff options for their choice, they can even have a monthly holding and transaction statement to help stay informed
  • Depositories lead to fast transfers of securities resulting in increased liquidity for every investor
  • With the help of SMS Alert Facility for debits and credits in your Demat account, there is a lesser chance of any kind of theft.

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