What’s Our Trading Style?

The major difference between an amateur & a professional is management of risk and that’s the first evaluating point for us always.

We are terribly skeptical on taking an excessive amount of risk we have a tendency to and that we like enjoying conservative however that doesn’t mean we cap the top side.

We don’t suggest high noise driven commercialism thus most of the trades initiated unit area point in nature.

A high down approach is what we have a tendency to follow and also the team has this discipline embedded in their veins.

What not to expect?

We aren’t a firm which will help you get rid of the ‘Itch’ of trading, we only deal with people who look at this as a sustainable business.

So if you’re trying to double your cash quarterly, sorry we don’t want to be a part of wealth destruction.


Our aim is to become the most client-centric, insightful and trusted partner
for long term wealth creation.

There are many companies but why choose us

An experienced research team for whom all that matters is Hard-core Research instead of guess-works. Our analysts love what they are doing and also the passion is what keeps them on.

IRA Investments believes in joining hands with mathematics & power of compute to enhance the research and our internal algo’s are sophisticated enough to create an edge for our clients.