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IRA Investments provides the right answer to remain profitable within the stock exchange with its market expertise, thorough analysis , commerce solutions and personalized services. More

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Mutual Funds and SIP could be a  investment vehicle for investors as its simplicity at the side of alternative attributes give attractive profit to investors with restricted information, time, or money. More
De-materialization of your shares, mutual funds and commodities in an electronic form This in turn helps reduce the transaction costs to as minimal as possible. More
Fixed Deposit is one of the safest investment avenues, which can help you grow your savings, while offering stability and safety of principal amount. More
Insurance is the best way of managing risks. By buying insurance, you not only transfer the cost of a potential loss to the insurance company but in exchange for a fee. More
About Us

Value investing is as much about time as it is about money

An experienced research team for whom all that matters is Hard-core Research instead of guess-works.Our analysts love what they are doing and also the passion is what keeps them on. A well known research team country wide who are looked up to with respect and have managed large funds, big enough to call them leaders. IRA Investments believes in joining hands with mathematics & power of compute to enhance the research and our internal algo’s are sophisticated enough to create an edge for our clients.

Reason to Invest with IRA !!

Robust Business

Investing in a stock is, in fact, investing in a business.

We deploy copybook method of assessing and experiencing the business-surveying its customers, retailers, distributors, etc. Projecting the size and pace of its growth potential, interacting with its management and testing its business model against simulated operating environment of extreme stress gives us a fair idea on its investment worthiness

Margin of Safety

Margin of safety remains the fulcrum of all our investment decisions.

Precisely why we begin with a small position and steadily build it by adding stock on subsequent declines If nothing attracts, hold cash Our top priority is to avoid permanent loss of capital. Although we always look for businesses that we can buy and forget, we proactively increase our margin of safety at times of elevated valuations or higher volatility. If we don’t find any stock worth our buy, we don’t shy away from holding cash in those times

Long-term Horizon

Value investing is as much about time as it is about money.

Just like a business needs time to deliver good returns, a reasonable amount of investors’ time also ought to be on the side of an invested business. Trusting the efficacy of our pre-investment research and continual monitoring post investment, we stay tuned to the potential long term value accretion instead of being swayed away by momentary fluctuations in their quarterly or yearly performances.


We are very transparent in our transaction with clients.

Management free, the only compensation that the client needs to pay us, is clearly defined. Client login and real time portfolio watch gives you complete and absolute access at all times.

What our clients say

Very Professional and Sound Investment Ideas. Team is quite knowledgeable and experienced in Stock Markets and shared it's value investing ideas. Helped my portfolio yield well. Shall definitely recommend IRA Investments.

Sabresh Kumar

I got reference of IRA Investments and find it to be a caring professional firm which listens to it's clients needs. With IRA Investments you never feel pressurized or treated like a sales target, instead you feel like talking with trusted adviser which offer great solutions.

Parth Patel
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